Bling is in!

The New Trend For Winter Weddings

If you’re going to a wedding in the winter months, you may be noticing a sparkling new trend…Bling. Winter wonderland themed weddings have given brides the chance to get creative with a wide spectrum of frosted glamour. Drawing inspiration from the bling of the wedding ring, brides and wedding planners are now finding creative ways to capture the reflections of ice crystals and the frozen sparkles of pure white snow. White silks and silver and gray satin gowns are being covered in zillions of white sequins. Glitters and Swarovski crystals are being found everywhere from champagne glasses to the dance floor and it doesn’t stop there… the cake!

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Palermo’s Bakery in Ridgefield Park, NJ has over 25 years of experience in custom cake design and has perfected how to put the “bling” into their wedding cakes with the use cool crisp colors and luminous fondant draped in ice crystals.

“Bling wedding cakes are no doubt the latest trend for winter weddings,” said Gennaro Bruno, Owner of Palermo’s Bakery. “When brides come in for their cake tasting they always ask how we can make their cake stand out and we always tell them its the bling of the crystals,” said Bruno.

We asked wedding blogger Feuza Reis, founder of Un-Jersey Bride, what she thinks of the recent trend of “bling” and winter weddings and she thinks it is here to stay.

“Crystals are a great way to decorate a winter wedding because it reminds us of winter, ice and cold. Mixing them with other decor elements which usually reminds us of more summery weather gives it a nice balance to reflect the fact that the wedding took place in colder months. Many brides are even hanging crystals or clear jars at the ceremony location and filling it with water, candles or floating flowers. I believe since the release of the movie Frozen, next winter we may see a little even more bling and shine at weddings.”

So step up your glitter and glam and embrace the big chill of the winter wonderland wedding and make your special day one to remember!

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