Cakes That Will Blow Your Mind: From Bling to Kitten Cakes

We would like to take you on a journey with some of the more mind-blowing custom cakes we have created in the past. These cakes are some of the most creative themes or more extravagant and life-like designs. We hope you enjoy our little trip back through some of our most spectacular cake moments!


Gucci cake full of cash


Bling to the Extreme!

What better gift to give your special someone than a Gucci case full of cash? It’s certainly a lot cheaper than the real thing! And you don’t need to get involved in any dodgy deals to acquire this case full of cash… I certainly can’t think of anything more exciting than seeing this as a surprise on your dining room table!




Black cat cake


Good Kitty!

Who needs to hire a taxidermist to enshrine your favorite pet? Instead, you can have your pet (cake) and eat it too! Fortunately, this charming cake doesn’t actually smell like the real thing. There is no better cake for the pet or cat lover than this beautiful black-cat cake.







Apple barrel cake


Barrel Full O’ Apple Goodness!

The lifelike resemblance of this one is absolutely astonishing. This truly brings me back to the times I went apple picking in the local apple orchard when I was a child. The only problem with this masterpiece is that you may think twice about cutting into such a piece of art and stuffing your face with its decadent goodness…







RedBull Cake


His Fortieth With Wings!

This is for the 40 year old party animal that can’t quite get enough RedBull before staying up partying for two days straight. Well maybe not at 40 but it sure serves as a nice reminder of those days.  No matter what, this was certainly the sweetest surprise he could have gotten to celebrate his fortieth birthday!

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