Custom Birthday Cakes FTW!

Custom birthday cakes are actually an economically way to both feed a large crowd of birthday party goers and wow the birthday boy, girl, man or woman. In line with the growing demand for custom birthday cakes lately at Palermo’s Bakery, we’ve decided to create a top five custom birthday cakes list for your informational and browsing pleasure. These custom birthday cakes represent the full spectrum of types of birthday cakes we have created the last few years, and a bit of the creative passion gone into their planning as well.

Custom Birthday Cakes: Number Five

custom birthday cakes LV and heel

Fashion theme custom birthday cakes have become more and more popular over the last few years. As with the custom birthday cake above, many have taken both their favorite fashion brand and fashion item and make into cake form. The high heel shoe above is nothin’ but cake.. sculpted fondant that is practically an exact replica of a Louboutine high heel. Custom birthday cakes of this form include LV bags, Chanel bags and the like.

Custom Birthday Cakes Countdown: Number Four

custom birthday cakes Chanel

Yes, the high fashion inspired custom birthday cakes are represented again with the above Chanel purse and Louis Vuitton briefcase. This custom birthday cake presents a nearly perfect replica of a white Chanel bag made from intricately sculpted fondant. What’s more, every detail in both the bag and the brief case has been sculpted to replicate the exact look, all the way down to the buckles. Better yet, the cake was just as delicious as awe inspiring.

Birthday Cakes Countdown: Number Three

pillows custom birthday cake

Nothing is more precious than your one year old’s first birthday, and custom birthday cakes can really capture just how special this moment is. The custom cake for the birthday girl above was made with fondant pillows, just the right thing for the little princess’s first birthday. The intricate yet adorable design of this custom birthday cake is what makes it stand out, putting this custom cake above the other custom birthday cakes at number three.

Number Two: The Scrabble Inspired Custom Birthday Cake

custom birthday cakes scrabble game

Custom birthday cakes rarely have such creativity and care put into them as does this custom Scrabble birthday cake. The precise replication of the Scrabble board is of course impressive, but the true beauty of this custom cake is the care and planning put into the Scrabble work messaging. Few custom birthday cakes can get across a clear birthday message without taking away from the design, but this cake pulls it off with a heart-warming birthday message. One of the few occasions where you can be happy to eat your words.

The Custom Birthday Cakes Winner Is… Fido!

dog replica custom birthday cake

Few custom birthday cakes achieve the creative splendor that this dog inspired fondant custom cake does. The wrinkles and saggy skin on the face as well as the big slobbering tongue all inspire those warm memories of man’s best friend. Custom birthday cakes of this sophistication take considerable time to make and perfect, but the final product, as you can see, is something well worth all the work and effort!