Halloween Wedding Cakes

Halloween Wedding Cakes Online Collection

Halloween wedding cakes

Nothing says ’til death do us part’ better than a death-laced wedding cake. Halloween weddings by their very definition require Halloween cakes to be legit. So in the spirit of Halloween and the more theatric brides and grooms rocking their weddings on Halloween, we present to you some of the greatest Halloween wedding cakes online. Perhaps they will give you some creative ideas for your Halloween wedding.

Skulls Halloween wedding cakes

The look and feel of Halloween cakes like this invoke  not only Halloween, but also Dia de Muertos, the Mexican holiday for honoring and remembering the dead. These Halloween cakes are brilliantly beautiful, but get the point across.

Halloween Wedding Cakes Slashes

Slashed bloody Halloween cake

Halloween wedding cakes with a good sense of humor are the best way to go. Here we have a traditional ivory white wedding cake with bloody slashes. Perhaps the groom was dressed as Freddie Krueger and the bride as Jason? No matter what the intention, this Halloween wedding cake almost certainly has strawberry syrup filling with vanilla cream. Yum.

Movie Themed Halloween Wedding Cakes

Corpse Bride Halloween Wedding Cake

Halloween wedding cakes with a movie theme can be so fun, as the wedding participants can participate in the theme by dressing as characters from the movie. This Halloween wedding cake theme is Corpse Bride, which is a perfect for Halloween themes. The dripping black fondant blood on the sides of the cake are done with perfection.

Halloween Custom Cake

For a Halloween wedding on the lighter side, Halloween wedding cakes like this one can be beat. This Halloween cake merges a classic Fall theme with a Halloween feel and won’t scare the kids or disgust the adults. Five layers of both gorgeous brown patterned fondant.

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