Black and White Wedding Cake

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Wedding Cake – Black and White: This black and white 5-tier fondant elegant wedding cake was created for a couple who had their wedding at the Florentine Gardens in River Vale, New Jersey.

The cake was covered in full white fondant and was decorated with black fondant stripes on the bottom tier, an elegant black band on the next and more black stripes on the top most. Two black and white fondant bows are also added on the cake to bring the whole look of the cake together. The bottom two layers of the cake are square and the top three are round. A small separator between the bottom three and the top two tiers are filled with white and pale pink flowers which makes the cake even more beautiful and elegant. Swarovski crystal trim is also added on the cake to give it a little bit of sparkle and to match the crystal monogram topper that the bride chose.

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