Alternating Crystal Tiers Wedding Cake

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Wedding Cake – Alternating Crystal Tiers:¬†Magnificently dazzling, this 7-tier wedding cake has a balance of simplicity and extravagance. The main feature of the cake is the sparkly separator tiers that have been studded with glitzy crystal jewelry. These separators not only gives the cake height but also serves as an attractive theme of jewels and sparkles for this gorgeous wedding cake. The other tiers of the cake shows off the classic pearlized quilted design that has sporadic touches of crystal jewelry as well. The alternating tiers have a delicate handmade fondant flower that is embellished by beautiful brooches which are highlighted by a pressed fondant detail band and a 2-row crystal trim jewelry. This cake will definitely be a classic. It’s gorgeous… it’s stunning… it’s perfection.

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