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Sweet 16 Cakes by Palermo’s

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A sweet 16 birthday party is a coming of age birthday celebration for girls celebrated most prominently in North America. Some notable aspects to a sweet 16 birthday party are the shoe ceremony where an older male authority figure brings the birthday girl high heels on a pillow as well as the candle ceremony and finally the sweet 16 cake cutting ceremony. Whereas this is most common for girls who are turning 16, and accompanied by a sweet 16 cake, boys in both the U.S. and Canada have begun to celebrate their sweet 16 with more masculine sweet 16 cakes. Sweet 16 celebrations usually incorporate a strong theme into the party, but it’s the Sweet 16 Cakes which are most notable as well as the centerpieces of the sweet 16 parties.

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Sweet 16 Cake Ideas

As a sweet 16 party is typically one with many guests, sweet 16 cakes usually are of the multi tiered variety in order to feed so a large number of guests. This also allows for more customization and serves as a sign of appreciation for the birthday girl with a towering sweet 16 cake as the centerpiece of the party. It has become a trend recently to have custom sweet 16 cupcakes in lieu of a sweet 16 cake, with customized cupcake wracks as presentation. Sweet 16 cakes often feature a large number 16 monogram on the top of the cake and have interesting custom themes weaved into the decoration of the respective custom sweet 16 cakes. For example, some sweet 16 parties have a fairy tale theme and thus the decoration and component of the sweet 16 cake will be that of a fairy tale.

Whereby some of the more traditional sweet 16 cakes have had fairytale themes or traditional buttercream accents with a 16 monogram on top, some new trends in sweet 16 cakes are fashion inspired custom cakes. Brand name purses, handbags, high heels and even bags are brought to sweet 16 cake life. Many sweet 16 cakes customers have requested were Louis Vuitton inspired fashion pieces, the most popular of which being an LV handbag.

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